Hi peeps, Just a quick intro on what to expect on Tupalo and how you can get the most out of this product. Tupalo was created as a self-service platform and we are constantly working on improving our features to give you a simple and straightforward experience. In this FAQ you will find a few hints on how to use the service and some problem solving tips.


Q: I can't login! What should I do?

Go to the 'login page' and use your email address and password to log in. If you cannot recall your password, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link at the bottom, add your email address and click 'send password reset'.

Q: I can not find my login details. Is it possible to retrieve it somewhere?

Yes, go to our 'login page' and click on the 'Forgot your password?' link at the bottom. You can add your email address and retrieve your password from there.


Q: What is Tupalo.com?

Tupalo.com is a service to connect consumers and their experiences with local businesses. Users and businesses can sign up and join the discussion about the spots in their neighborhood.

Q: Why should I use Tupalo.com as a local enthusiast?

You can share your day to day experience as a customer of local businesses or services and benefit from other opinions and recommendations in return. We provide a couple of useful features that help you find a fancy restaurant for your next date, the best coffee in town or the next hardware store in your surroundings.

Q: Why should I use Tupalo.com as a local business?

We are connecting local businesses with their clients and potential customers. If you are all about improving your customers’ experience and are looking for genuine and constructive feedback, this is your online space to look for it (and participate). You can search for your business here.

Q: How can I change my email address, username, profile pic, bio etc...?

After login, activate the dropdown menu next to your user name and click on 'Settings'.

Q: How can I add my favorite spot?

Use our search to find your favorite spots (usually, the basics are already on Tupalo). If a spot is not on Tupalo yet, you can add it here. In case you don't have a Tupalo User Account yet, you can sign up for one here.


Q: How can I add my business to Tupalo?

You want to add your business to Tupalo? That's great! You can do this here. If you do not have a Tupalo Business Owner Account yet, you can sign up here:

Q: How much does a Tupalo Business Listing cost?

The basic Tupalo Business Listing is free but needs to be verified. For the verification we charge a minimal fee (12 EUR for 5 years). You can also upgrade to Tupalo Premium Listing in order to unlock additional features. You will find an overview on our Tupalo Business Pages.

Q: Where can I edit the address (or other details) of a business listing?

If you are the owner of the business, we recommend to register for a Business Owner Account on our Tupalo Business Pages. You can then update the listing details through your dashboard (or the "Edit this business" link in the left sidebar of your spot page).

Q: How can I move a spot to a different city?

You can move a spot within a city by editing it.

Q: How can I report a duplicate?

If you discovered a duplicate listing, you can suggest the deletion by sending the following details to our support team ([email protected]):

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Reason for deleting the listing
  • Proof of representation
  • Tupalo Link (URL)

Q: How can I delete a spot?

Deleting a spot requires us to verify that you are the owner or representative of the business. You can suggest the deletion by sending the following details to our support team ([email protected]):

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Reason for deleting the listing
  • Proof of representation
  • Tupalo Link (URL)

Q: How does a listing on Tupalo.com help my business?

We can connect your business to the local community and let people know that you are in their area. There are more than three million people visiting Tupalo.com each month to make spending decisions. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing integrate your listing and related reviews in their search results, so people will find your business even faster. In addition, you get valuable information and feedback from your customers through their rating and reviews.

Q: How can I make the most out of my online presence?

Try to keep your business listing up-to-date: Click on the "Edit this business" link on the spot page of your business to update the information within your listing. Make sure to link to your Tupalo.com listing from your website and social media pages, so people can add more valuable content  and improve your online presence. In addition, you can verify your business or sign up for a Premium Listing on our Tupalo Business Pages.

Q: Your business has been closed?

You can suggest the deletion (alternatively we can mark it as 'closed') by sending the following details to our support team ([email protected]):

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Reason for deleting the listing
  • Proof of representation
  • Tupalo Link (URL)

Q: Why is my business listed? I did not sign up!

Many of our listings have been added by users of our community. Everyone on Tupalo.com can add his/her favorite spots. So it might very well be that someone liked your business and added it to Tupalo.com to share it with his/her friends. We also partner with presence management providers worldwide that serve us with their business listings to be integrated into Tupalo.com.

Q: I cannot find spot XY (spot XY does not appear in a search). What can I do?

This could have one of the following reasons: Did you just add the data to Tupalo.com? Be patient - the spot needs a while to get indexed. Please check again in a few hours. Please use autocomplete when entering the city name. If the location does not show up, it might not be in our database (this can happen e.g. with small towns). Last but not least, did you spell everything correctly? If necessary, our search prefers umlauts ä, ü, ö to ae, ue and oe.

Q: I can not find my login details. Is it possible to retrieve it somewhere?

If you created an account on Tupalo, we can help you find it. All we need to know is your email address you likely used to create the account and/or your username. Did you already try to search for your username/profile by using our search bar? Once you find the account, you can reset your password (see above). You can then continue using your account or delete it. If you were not able to find it, please shoot us an email (with your username and email address) at [email protected].


Q: How can I report a questionable review?

If you want to report a questionable review (that does not meet our review guidelines), please make sure to describe what review you plan to report (by including the spot name and name of review creator). Also enter a reason, why you think this review should be deleted. If your email does not include all information above, we cannot process your request. Please send your email to [email protected].

Q: What does Tupalo do when a business wants them to remove all negative reviews?

We ask all of our users to provide honest, real-life experiences as a customer of businesses or services without getting personal or abusive. Therefore, we only remove reviews (positive or negative) if they are not in-line with our review guidelines. We know that, for a business owner, it can be quite challenging to receive negative feedback from a customer. Nevertheless, we encourage business owners to respect every kind of feedback and react transparently to it by using our comments function.


Do you have an idea how to improve your Tupalo experience? Did you encounter a bug? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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